Solar Smart Bench

04 Jan 2018

You can now charge your smartphone on our new award-winning solar smart bench!

You can watch the story on Today Tonight here

If your mobile has wireless charging capabilities then you simply place your device on the dedicated charging platform or alternatively use the built in USB charging port for any other devices. And, it’s all free from the sun!

The seat, Steora Smart Bench is a solar-powered seat which collects and stores energy from the sun and transfers it to mobile phones and tablets. This innovation is the first of its kind to be installed in an Australian retail centre environment, and it’s another demonstration of how Vicinity is leading the way – evidence of our commitment to thinking outside the square and creating connected communities

The revolutionary bench can collect and store up to 850 watts of electricity every hour – which is enough energy to power a mobile device for a week, event if the sun is shining.  The bench also has an inbuilt cooling system! 

The smart bench is located at the West entrance of the centre, near Chicken Treat